Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Liebster Award

Hi :)

So I've been nominated by Aida Jelita for this. big fat THANK YOU  to you :)

There are several rules for this 'chain-awards entry' ;

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate.
4. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
5. Choose 5 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
6. Go to each blogger page and let them know about the award.

** I don't really know what's with number 11 but this can be fun :)

11 Facts about myself

1. I got my younger sister when i was 17.
2. I love dancing and would dance if i have the chance to.
3. I think i am slowly turning to a shopaholic which scares me. But i love to shop.
4. I started seriously driving two years after i got my P.
5. I am a sweet-toothed person. i rather give up my portion of rice/mee/bread just to have a nice and sweet chocolate or ice cream (because all of it contains lots of sugar and carbs)
6. The farthest place i have been in my life is UK. I went there for an outbound program in a college in Liverpool for a month. I enjoyed everything about the trip and i would love to go there again.
7. I went to all girls school during my higher form (form 4 and form 5).
8. Perfect 'me time' is driving at a cold night with hot peppermint mocha from starbucks.
9. Sometimes i think i need to go to therapist for anger management.
10. I am not really sure about what to do in my life. Explains why i'm taking building related course eventhough it's effing boring.
11. I can just sit and watch videos in youtube for a whole day. without going out anywhere or do any other chores. I think there are so many black hole in youtube that we can sink into.

11 Questions from Aida who nominated me for this award :) 

1. Which one do you prefer? Baking or cooking.

OMG i love love love love love baking. i am seriously so rajin into baking but so malas to cook. I can't cook anything. Serious. I don't know how to cook and i'm not learning how to cook. And i don't cook. haha. But i love love love love baking. i can make muffins, steamed brownies, pavlova, lava cakes, cheesecake, cheese truffles you name it. i love to bake and i will find a reason to bake. hahhaa.

2. Do you love sport? What type of sport do you play?

NO i don't love sport. That's why it's so easy to be fat than to lose them. haha.

3. What makeup brand do you love and crazy about?

I don't have a specific brand that i love because i basically just buy products that i think worth and i need. But from my collection, i think the best products for makeup must be M.A.C for high end and Revlon for drugstore.

4. How long do you usually spend sits in front of the laptop surfing the internet?

Hahaha this question really caught me. I can literally just sits in front of the laptop all day long. haha

5. Which one do you prefer? Heavy eye makeup or heavy on your lips.

I love both. I think i might choose eyes because i think the best feature in my face is my eyes so... yeah haha. But sometimes i really love the way bold lip color making you look more fun so i love both.

6. What is your daily makeup routine?

I have plans (in my mind) that i will do a makeup tag post, about everyday makeup look, including going to class makeup, going out makeup and "i'm late" makeup. What say you? But that will come later. haha. Usually what i love to do on my daily basis is i will not forget my mascara. If I got quite plenty of time, i will do a complete look with foundation and eyeshadow on. But if i don't, then mascara and a bit of lipstain will do.

7. List 3 of your favourite movie. Why?

Current favourite. I might like other movies later and i might have liked other movies before but i don't quite have that picture in my mind right now haha.
i- Pitch perfect - It's funny it's humungus funny and it's ridiculously awesome.
ii- Life as we know it - Because it got handsome Josh and the storyline is interesting and they were cute.
iii- Crazy, stupid, love - again, the storyline is interesting and it got RYAN GOSLING (half naked) omg how can you not love ryan??? and he did the dirty dancing move with emma stone (hahah?)

8.Describe what type of book that you love to read? What is your fav lovely author?

I haven't read story books for quite some time. the last book i read was written by a brit author. I think i just randomly picked any interesting book rather than just stick with an author. or maybe it's because i don't read that much?

9. How many kids do you want?

Haha. funny question aida. I don't have specific number of kids that i want haha but i think it would be nice if there's four of them? maybe. hahahaha i'm still young you know why should i think about thisssss T_T hahah

10. What would you do to release your tension.

I would go shopping. or I would go eat something realllyyyyy nice and worth to have during my stressed day. or I would sleep.

11. What is the best memory/memories you have.

I would say the whole trip to UK was my best memories. I missed UK. The weather, the classes, the madness shopping places, Costa hot chocolate, everything. I will go there again one day. Insyaallah.

And i would love to nominate these cute ladies for this award:
1. Wiida Ribbon
2. Atiey
3. Syazwina
4. Deeya Cantabile
5. Alya Syaheera

And my 11 questions will be..

1. Are you going to vote this election?
2. If someone give you RM5,000 to spend in a day. What will you do/buy?
3. Dip dyed hair, yay or nay?
4. What is more important, mascara or eyeliner?
5. Do you love nuts? What is your favourite?
6. Do you watch The Vampire Diaries? Stefan or Damon?
7. List 5 of your favourite apps on phone.
8. Do you like glossy finishes or matte finishes, for lips?
9. Would you rather starve yourself or workout like crazy if you want to lose weight?
10. 5 of your favourite youtuber?
11. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

dah tu je ^_^
Till then, tata!

Pink Marshmallow.


Syazwina Nizam said...

assalamualaikum,i have participate in the liebster award do check it out and thank you again for nominating me

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