Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Kryolan Supracolor Foundation

Hi all! 
Have you ever heard about Kryolan? I'm sure a lot of you guys know well about this product. They are famous for their high coverage foundation and they also made other types of makeup products as well. 
Well, I have used kryolan foundation before, but during those years where I joined Malay traditional dance team where all dancers used kryolan foundation stick. Haha I just borrowed from my dancer friend because I am not majoring in dancing, but in building so stage performance is just a hobby and what i did in my free time. 
Okay back to the product.. I purchased trial pack of Kryolan Supracolor Foundation in two shades. This is a 'repack' packaging by the seller and it's smaller (10gm) than the full sized container which contains 55ml of the product. I got two shades which are shade 4W and 3W. There are quite a lot of shades to choose from.

Source: here

So here is my face before and after applying the foundation..

Bare face. Got serious dark eye circle there.

After applying 1 layer of Supracolor Foundation in 4W and another 1 layer around under eye and the bridge of the nose using 3W. Shade is perfect my my skintone. 
*Please note in the picture, I did put on a bit of contouring using bronzer powder, blusher, and loose powder. 

Close up look of my skin with Supracolor Foundation. 


So, the day I tested out this product, I did went out to run some errands. And at the end of the day I decided to took picture of me wearing the same makeups because the staying power is quite amazing. I thought this foundation can be a bit scary because it's oil base and the texture is so creamy. But, it did not shows oily on my skin and in the picture. You can see the pictures below. 

Time applying: 2.00pm
*This is right after I applied the foundation + bronzer + blush + loose powder

4.00 pm. I went out to run some errands and eating ice cream :D 

6.45 pm. I just went back home and took a picture before I remove all the makeups. Seriously you guys, I literally look like I just put my makeup on! the staying power is walahwehhh hahaha. No wonder there's a lot of makeup artist in Malaysia choose this foundation. 


* High coverage. No need to wear any concealer for my dark under eye circle. I got major problem with it, I seriously think this work better than my concealers.

* Smooth application. Because of it's oil base and creamy texture.
* POWER PUNYE staying power hahahha. Usually when I wear any liquid foundation, the foundation will wiped out around my nose and I will need to touch up. But not this one. 

Pemborong Kosmetik KZ (I bought here) 

* I applied this product using a damp sponge with dabbing motion.
* I have normal skin but sometimes my T-zone area can get a little bit oily.
* My shade is 4W, I am in shade MAC NC30 :D
* The pictures of me as shown above are not retouched. Taken using Iphone 4s camera.

That's all from me, Thank You for reading! :D 

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