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Collective Haul during semester break

Assalamualaikum and hi to all! Happy Saturday :D

I shopped A LOT during my break. I got plenty of time to spend and I can't control the urge to shop! hahaha. I hope I won't shop like crazy like this during my study time :/ or else I can't save for projects cost etc. (I studied Building Surveying and it requires quite a lot of money for big projects/assignments + we have class field trip every semester).

There are not only beauty products that I recently bought, quite a number of clothings and bags and shoes etc. but this post will only focus on beauty products :)


These are everything I collected during my semester break. Crazy isn't it? haha some of them are purchased during my Singapore trip with my bestfriend, Wiida :)

What we're excited the most about Singapore is the 'existence' of LUSH store and NARS counter. It was such an experience to be able to shop in LUSH (yeayyyy) but i didn't buy anything in NARS counter because it's so expensive :(

NARS counter is located at TANGS mall, Orchard Road.
LUSH store is located in Wisma Atria, Orchard Road.

Pictures of LUSH store, which we love very much! I hope LUSH will be opened in Malaysia too. 

Hihi, Just Wiida and me, chilling and eating 'ais krim potong' at Orchard Rd. (its yummmyyyy!)

These is what i got from LUSH :) 

Besides Haul in Singapore trip, I also went crazy and bought pretty much makeup products and tools online, and at the mall (SEPHORA and Watsons)

This is Real Technique Travel Essential Kit Brushes and on the right is essence smokey eye brush. I really really really really really love them! I have used every single brush, and I love them all I would say I love them equally but I love the powder brush more hahah because it's so fluffy and soft and really good. This is basically the best brush I had, (because I don't own any expensive brushes or brush set) The retail price in US is only $16 but guess what, I bought this set for RM90 :( sad but yeah I really want it and I don't live in US hahah. I bought it here
The essence smokey eye brush is great for applying eye shadow in your crease or even highlighting your brow bone or inner corner of the eyes. i owned 1 of this before but i believed i miss placed it somewhere and i couldn't find it. My friend told me that essence have restocked their products in Watsons so i went to check it out in the nearest mall (The Mines and Alamanda) but no, it's the same old, touched and dirty products left there. i bought this when I went to Watsons in Tesco The Curve with my friends and i got so excited because the essence rack there was full of new stuffs. I always love essence :) 

These are the mascaras i bought recently. From left, essence 'get BIG lashes volume curl mascara', essence 'get BIG lashes volume boost mascara' and SILKYGIRL Big Eye mascara. 
I went crazy when I found a rack full of newly restocked items of essence products in Watsons Tesco The Curve so i bought TWO of their new range of mascara. i have tried essence multi action: smokey eye mascara and essence multi action:false lashes mascara and i love both. But I would say that the multi action mascara range is better than this range (get big lashes). I don't know but I always get that exciting "whoaaa" feeling when applying multi action mascara but I think this new range of mascara is pretty ordinary hahaha
But i love them though :)
I bought SILKYGIRL Big Eye mascara because Wiida recommended it to me. i love the formula, but i hate the wand. it's hard and sometimes it'll be really hard to work with. But the formula is awesome, it gave you the fibre effects to lengthen your lashes and easy to remove. 

I tried to find my old essence mascara to show to you, and yeayy luckily i did not throw this out yet. (dah kering dah mascara ni :p) I really love this mascara :D 

I am so 'setia' with maybelline when it comes to eyeliner hehe. I love them so much. I tried the Maybelline crayonbrow and I love it!! it's just the perfect brow pencil for me. The color range offer are not really dark and my brows are botak at the first place haha so i can't use any dark color as it will look harsh on me. I also love the crayonliner. Recently I bought the Gel liner and its.. realllyyyy.. good!!!! omg no wonder people raved so much about it. hehe i love them! muah!

So I went to Sephora, and bought these (not at the same time though) 
Sephora Crayon jumbo 12H in 06 copper. I always wanted this and at last, I bought it. 
NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm. 
NYX powder blush in PB13 Mauve

Swatches.... from left: Sephora jumbo pencil in copper, NYX soft matte lip cream in stockholm and NYX blush in Mauve. Natural shades for everyday wear. 

Falsies and adhesive glue :) 
Ardell Fashion lashes 124 (bought in ROBINSONS, Singapore) quite cheap there.
Doll Lash DN005 (bought in Watsons) got discount :)
and DUO Striplash adhesive in white/clear (bought in Watsons, Singapore) got discount. 

My friend gave me this palette from her short trip to Japan :)
(actually I kirim :p)
CANMAKE Perfect Styling Eyes 
It's like the ordinary natural palette BUT this palette has a different kind of shimmer effect on the product. It used multicolor  glitter instead of sliver/gold glitter. It's interesting and i love it. 

Swatches from left, topping jewel(middle color), base (topleft), natural style (topright), bright style (bottom left) and liner (bottom right)

I wish to have this Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lips Stain Balm for a looonnggg time but yet I don't have the chance. Watsons was having some promotion discount and i got 10% discount for this. i got myself 020 Lovesick Passionnee, a bright pinkish fuchsia color. But when I got home (after buying it) and tried it, I don't think I like the color hahaha because it's too bright and 'pop' and it will be nice if I bought in a softer shade. maybe next time :p 

Swatch of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in 020 Lovesick Passionnee 

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. I really want to try this thing out. I watched many makeup gurus raved and use this in their videos so I really want to try and finally I found an online shop that 'pre-order' these for their customers. i bought it here 
If you always buy products directly from their site, this product can be bought in Camera Ready Cosmetics site :) 
I tried this and walllaaahhhh it literally makes my skin flawless, brighter and smoother hihi. I feel pretty wearing it. But it's not convenient/practical as the touch up on-the-go as it comes in a 'talcum' bottle and not in the compact version. But I did found some youtubers who compacted/pressed these powder to an empty compact powder case to easily travel with it. 

I am sooo into body care products lately and I don't mind spending a little bit on these stuffs :/ hahah because I love my body (daaa of course) and I love everything that have nice and pleasant smell. 

It nothing much, but for me it's quite a lot haha. 

Lush products I bought. SNOW FAIRY shower gel, SWEETIE PIE shower jelly and SHIMMY SHIMMY massage bar. and I LOVE THEM ALL 
SNOW FAIRY shower gel: It said on the bottle, "the smell of candy floww and pear drops transports you back to days of standing in the sweet shop with your pocket money clasped in your fist, trying to decide what to buy" Well, yeah it does smell so so so sweet like candy and bubblegum! the smell is so sweet and strong. I used it in our hotel room in Singapore and the whole room smell delicious and yummy just like you are having shower all the time :B I love it because it's pink and I love it because of the sweet scent. 
SWEETIE PIE shower jelly: It said on the bottle cap "If a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair, this would be the resulting jelly, baby" hihi, I never tried this, honestly. But Wiida tried several times and she said it's best to use it with cold water so don't use this with hot shower or else it will melt. This one also, have a bubble gum/candy smell and I can't wait to try it :B
SHIMMY SHIMMY massage bar: it said it's a massage bar. the one you used before massaging your body or anyone else's body :B and it is VEERRYYY shimmery. verry verrrrrryyyy shimmery. I would say instead of using it as a massage bar, you can also use it as body butter. The consistency is very smooth to your skin and the glitter effects are perfect for night out or somthing. But yeah, I don't wanna use it and go out looking like a cullen clans :/ hahaha. 

Heathcote and Ivory vintage collection nourishing hand & nail cream with shea butter in mimosa and pomegranate. It's actually a pack of 3x30ml but 1 of them i gave to my mom already so the yellow one i put in my handbag for everyday use and the pink one is as a backup. 
It smells soooo gooodddd ...  I really like the smell. And it does not feel sticky after applying it. i have a sweaty palm and hand cream always scares me because it will melt away with the water on my palm but not this one. The smell is quite strong, and even when you wash your hand the smell are still there (just first time, second time the smell will be gone lah)
And, i found out that these products of Heathcote & Ivory and also Cath Kidson, can be found in Sephora. 

SOAP & GLORY!!! my fav! hehe
I used the cream bath in CLEAN,GIRLS and i love it so much and I need to buy another bottle as backup. I decided to buy the other one, CLEAN ME creamy clarifying Showe Gel just to try out. It also states that it has body lotion 'built-in' the shower gel so your skin will be more moiturized?? haha i'm not sure I don't try it out yet. I also decided to try the shampoo GLAD HAIR DAY ultra shine super shampoo because it smells good haha i said earlier i love everything that smells good. I tried it and yeah it does smells good on my hair but i have a thick and long hair and this shampoo made my hair a bit dried out? maybe because i did not use it with the S&G conditioner but i did use it with LOREAL conditioner and sometimes with LOREAL hair mask and it works pretty well together. But i still love it, because of it's nice fruity smell :D 

Annddd that's it fuhhh it's a long entry I know..
Untill next time,
Pink Marsmallow

P/s: do you know Makeup Academy (MUA) brand from UK? next entry I will post pretty much about it, stay tune :)


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(Wiida in Ain's account) <3

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