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Significant Skincare

Hi! I'm here.. again. hihi. I'm in the mood for blogging right now so better do it rather than doing nothing haha.

Nabilah asked me if i can share my skincare products i used, so without delaying any longer, i decided to write about it at this very moment haha.

I'm using Significant Skincare products and you can read more about this product here.

Hihi it's me.. in 2012. 

My experience using the products:
1. Honestly, I don't have too many skin problems to begin with. But the pigmentation of my skin is super fast (which i read is good) hehe but i don't like the uneven skin tones of mine. My mom made me used this product and BAAMMM, the skin tone corrected in just a month. 
2. Besides corrected the skin tone (it's actually the process of cleaning the face pores that containing dead cells) my skin feels soooooo soft and smooth. Before using it, the skin in my nose area including the cheek skin beside my nose area are a bit rough and got 'biji biji' which i don't know what they are haha. and i got black and white heads (normal for a teenageer like me i guess). after few weeks using the product day and night, the skin feels so much smoother and i'm happy it works well. 
3. After my skin is looking good enough (or that's what i thought my skin were at that time haha), i stopped using the night cream but continue using the beauty soap for daily cleanser. and the skin did not return to the original condition. Which is good because it tells you that your skin do not depends on the product to be 'okay'. the product just acted as the repairing agent. 

What so good about this product?
1. Helps correcting your skin tone (especially if you have 'sunburned' skin moment). 
2. If your skin is dry, i enhance the natural oil in your skin to secrete naturally and if your skin is oily, it helps to control the oil on your skin (there are 2 types of face soap for different types of skin).
3. Make your skin feels softer, smoother and younger, literally :) 
4. If your skin have acne problem, the process may take a longer time, but it also depends on the cause of the acnes, if it just because the surrounding environment or external causes, it is possible to cure the acnes. but if the cause is because of the blood, or hormone, or something to do with internal of the person, than it maybe possible, maybe not. depends. For me, i had pimples sometimes because of hormone. and the products help to make it 'kecut' but the process to make sure the pimple's gone from your face is longer than when you 'picit' to force it to be gone. but obviously it will leave you scar if you did that. 
5. It also making your skin a bit tighter. what is the right word to say it. hmm 'tegang'/ 'anjal' if that makes sense. younger skin of course. 
6. Really good in removing blackheads, whiteheads and reducing the visible pores. 

The product's set contains;
1. Beauty soap (Vitamin E for normal to dry skin, Vitamin C for oily and sensitive skin)
2. Day cream (act like a moisturizer and sun veil)
3. Night cream (act as the repairing agent)

The steps is so simple;
1. Wash your face using the beauty soap before you sleep,
2. Apply night cream right before you sleep,
3. Wake up the next morning, wash your face using the beauty soap. 
4. Apply day cream before you going out. 
5. Repeat everyday for a faster result :) 

That's it. These are the only products i used to maintain my skin. sometimes i used face mask and my preferable type of mask is yoghurt mask. i like how it make my skin feels so soft after washing it :) 

Pink Marshmallow. 


Nabilah said...

Omg, I see my name there. :P Thanks for sharing Shaza! Do you have any idea where can I get these products? I have super dry skin, nothing works for me. :(

si dunat said...

you can get it from me too, kalau boleh dm kat twitter ke my username is jamdadu :)

Wiida Ribbon said...

Products yang best! hehe, me myself using it too as my secondary soap and night cream. aha. maklum la, saya ni pemalas. hahaha. good job! Nka wat jugak la a review on it. SOON, lama lagi.

si dunat said...

haha thanks wiida!

nIcqUe said...

I would like to ask if it's okay to apply some compact powder after applying the day cream?

si dunat said...

boleh je. that's what i did for everyday basis. i even wear foundation on top whenever i want to do heavy look. the day cream act as moisturizer and sunscreen.

kesya said...

I guna product skincare dari SKINFOOD so far. My mom suggests me. anyone have another good skincare product?

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