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Vintage White+Blue Eyelook (How to)

Hi! (again) hehe. This is like the third already in the same day :/ hahaha bare with me :B

Vintage White+Blue Eyelook
*Again, this is the look i've done in the little game that my friends and I were doing back than. I kept the pictures for ages and only today i can upload it and make a post here. Sorry, my bad.

Pictures above showed the eyelook result. I thought it creates a vintage 60's eye makeup look. I don't how about you, this is actually quite easy to do. 

Products used:
(Picture showed some products i used, some of them are not in the picture)

1.Very important. NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK. If you don't have this, u can also use any white eyeshadow base.
2.Eyeshadows. i used white, ocean blue, electric blue, and black from coastal scent 88 original palette.
3.Blue eyeliner. I used Maybelline color studio eyeliner in blue.
4.Nude colour eyeliner. (u can also use white, anything u like, i just feel like using nude at that particular time)
5.Black gel liner.
6.Of course brushes :)

The Steps:

1.Apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK, all over your lid.
2.Using eyeshadow brush, apply white eyeshadow 2/3 of the eyelid, starting from the inner part. Means that u leave the 1/3 outer part of your lid.
3.Using crease brush, apply ocean blue at the eye crease. Blend it.
4.Apply electric blue/royal blue (anything blue haha but make sure this one is darker than the ocean blue/crease color) at the left 1/3 part of your lid.
5.Using a small eyeshadow brush, apply black eyeshadow at the very outer part of your lid, and slowly creates small V shape. Don't go too far as we want to focus on blue shade, not black.
6. Using precision brush, apply white eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye, and under the brow bone.
7.Line those eyes with gel eye liner. Line the tight line with the same eye liner. Using gel eyeliner to line the tight lines will avoid any smudge in water lines especially when u used light colour to line the water lines.
8.Line lower lashes using Maybelline color studio eyeliner in blue.
9.lLne waterline with nude/white eyeliner.
10.Apply falsies :)
11. Blend anything that looks harsh and finish your look with other face makeup :)

And you are ready! :)  Happy trying! Sorry i could not provide anymore pictures for this look.

Love, Pink Marshmallow

Emerald Green Smokey Eyes Look

Hi! as i promise, here is the first how-to eye look tutorial.

Emerald Green Smokey Eyes Look 
*actually my firends and i were having a little weekly game which requie us to do makeup look with a certain theme. and one of the theme was smokey eye. i chose to play with green :3

Basically, that is the final eye look. this tutorial is not a step-by-step tutorial like i did for pink eye look before, it's just focusing on the eye.

Products used (eyelook only):
1.Your choice of eye primer.
2.Emerald green eyeshadow (i used coastal scent 88 original palette)
3.Black eyeshadow (i used coastal scent 88 original palette)
4.Silver eyeshadow (i used coastal scent 88 original palette)
5.NYX jumbo eye pencil in 629 Sparkle Green
6.Your choice of eye brushes :)

 i used the middle deep green shade, (sorry for not showing it clearly in the picture)

the bottom right shade (black) 

 the most top right shade (silver)

NYX jumbo eye pencil in 629 Sparkle Green

The Steps:
1.Prime those eyes :)
2.Use NYX jumbo eye pencil in 629 Sparkle Green as the base for the look, just swipe it all over your lid. Remember, you do not want to go higher than the visible lid (if you know what i mean). But if you have monolid type of eyelid, you are allowed to do so. 
3.Using your finger, blend the outer edge of the lid (which jumbo eye pencil has been swiped) to soften the line. Use light dabbing motion. 
4.Take your eyeshadow brush, and put on the Green eyeshadow above the base layer.
5.Now, use a crease brush, put on black eyeshadow and create V shape on the outer corner of your eye.
6.Using Blending brush, blend them together! :)
7.Take a clean precision brush and apply the silver eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyes, and also below the brow bone. (u san use other color as highlighting, if you think silver is a bit overdramatic)
8.Using the same precision brush, apply green eyeshadow at the lower lash line.
9.Line the tight line and water line of your eyes using black eyeliner.
10.Apply falsies, i used Ardell lashes.
11. Now you are done with the eyes! you can proceed with your face makeup :)

*I am sorry i did not provide any step by step pictures. i really hope the instructions I gave is clear enough for you to understand :)

Last but not least..... Selfiesssssss..... :)

hehe pardon me, please. 

i really love this eyelook. it's heavy but it's really nice to wear in an annual dinner or something. 
thanks for reading, and do wait for another eye look tutorial coming up next! :D 

Love, Pink Marsmallow


First of all,
i am so so so so so so sorry for neglecting this blog. I was busy for school works and stuffs and when i get school break, i still feel quite reluctant to update. BUT i promise you i will keep updating as i have lots of new products which i recently just bought (and what makes my bank account in a SICK condition haha) and i will post 2 how-to tutorials for dramatic eye look today. so stay tune because there will be massive posts today as i am in the mood :) and i have nothing to worry about today hehe.

Stick with me as i have lots of things to share :)

Love, pink marshmallow


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