Tuesday, November 13, 2012

getting pink!

hai! happy deepavali to all who celebrate it. 
haha i know, third post in a row. like i said, i'm feeling 'rajin' to do this stuff right now. 
today is a public holiday, soo.. getting bored sitting here alone at home, i decided to play with makeups! yeayy. and the theme is pink!

so, i made this a step by step description so if you interested to do it, you can try ok? :) 

1. apply foundation. as for today, i used revlon age defying foundation in medium beige. if you have a tanned skin like mine, and you have trouble with foundation like it looks lighter than your skin tone and have a shade on several places, mind to wait a while because the foundation will get darker/match our skin tone after a few minutes. but if it doesn't... than change your foundation hihi.

2. fill in your eyebrow. i used silky girl eye brow pencil. for those who have a thick eyebrow, u might just want to tidying them up using the brow bush. after lining it, i fill it with dark brown shadow from coastal scent 88 original palette using an angle small detail brush. 

3. will about to start the fun part which is the eyes. prime your lid. i used NYX eyeshadow base in skin shade. 

4. using the coastal scent 88 original palette, i used the dark pink color as the lid colour. colour the center of the lid and leave about 1/5 of the inner and outer corner.

5. using the same palette, i used a dark violet purple and applied it on the outer corner of the lid. make a wing or straight line from the outer corner. blend the harsh line. 

6. take the dark blue shade from the palette and create a crease line and line half of the lid. blend the harsh line.

7. take the light pink shade and apply on the inner corner of the eye. blend it. so the finish look after applying shadow is..

8.i used maybelline eyestudio liner in blue to line my eyes. u can use any colour. i just like to use it today for this look. 

9. using essence long lasting liner in almost famous, i line the lower lash and made a wing on the outer corner. after that, just apply mascara on your lashes. 

10. apply fake lashes. i used stage lash expert. 

11. proceed with blusher and highlighter. today i used topshop cream blush in flush and for highlighting, i used a stage mono shadow in canary. i really love to used this shadow as highlighter. 

12. finish the look with face powder. any finishing powder will do. 

13. for lips, today i used my mac lippies in cosmo (amplified) mix with collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in cotton candy. 

finish! :) 

ACG's sale madness

hai gorgeous! hehe i'm feeling so 'rajin' right now so i decided to make a post about this

which was ages ago hahahaha. but whatever, i still want to make an entry about my haul that day. 
i went there on the last day of the sale which is sunday, with my friend, mia :) 
we were so excited once arrived and we smile all the way going back to uni :)))
so... what i bought at the ACG's sale were......

oh, the urban decay naked 2 palette was not be bought at the warehouse sale. i bought it from streetdeal.com and it arrived at my house the same day i went to the ACG's sale. 
revlon age defying foundation in medium beige.
i used this for couple of times. it's a good foundation but i don't like the smell at all. 

these are the only lipstick i bought there
from left: revlon super lustrous in really red, and revlon super lustrous in smoked peach . both are matte finishes. i got this for RM15 each.
haha i don't know what's the purpose of this thing, the salesgirl said it 's useful during sunny day.
i got this for RM8

revlon custom eyes in 025 metallic chic.
i got it for RM15 anddd i got 4 refill shades (beside the palette) for free!!
the picture above this picture is the swatches i made for the colours. 
things i got from stage. brush cleaner and the lash expert fake eyelashes.
brush cleaner: RM10
lash expert: RM10

i love love love these. i got both of these for only RM10!!
these two things are essential for everyday use so i do feel a bit regret i'm not getting it more on that day. we can't find any more deal cheaper than this.

there are a lot of things i regret i'm not buying that day:
-revlon grow luscious eyeliner in brown
-revlon gel liner
-stage fun pack
-revlon lip butter

but i went there on the last day of the deal, and my house is so far from the place, so i just let it go.
anddd... here are the starlight of the day :)
i got this for only RM95 from streetdeal.com instead of RM179 but i need to wait for about 1 month.
this are the look of the package. it come with a palette of 12 shades of neutral colour and a little size of lipgloss.

and here are the shades... i think that the shadow is super shimmery and for a person who don't like shimmer product that much, i don't know why i bought this. impulsive buyer, definitely. but i love it anyway hahaha because i have bought it and i love everything that i bought. my favourite shades are half baked, chopper, snakebite and busted. i do not like the brush. i don't know why but i don't like it. i don't like the texture especially the small part. 

oh the person who told me about the sales (both ACG sale and streetdeal) is wiida . she is a friend of mine, and we are soooo passionate about makeups and stuffs! hehe. go check out her blog, she did pretty a lot update about makeups and sale. 

till then, tata!

yes i'm the new girl on the block

haiii! at last i will start a beauty blog. i have the idea of doing this since last three months or more but i'm too busy and have no time to start it. but yeah, finally... here i am! i will post everything about makeups, how i get the look done, what products i used, what products i purchased recently, everythinggg, just stay tune with me! and sorry if the blog is kinda plain, this is everything i can do for now. i need to learn more about decorating blog and stuff hehe. sorry ya! cheers!

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