Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ACG's sale madness

hai gorgeous! hehe i'm feeling so 'rajin' right now so i decided to make a post about this

which was ages ago hahahaha. but whatever, i still want to make an entry about my haul that day. 
i went there on the last day of the sale which is sunday, with my friend, mia :) 
we were so excited once arrived and we smile all the way going back to uni :)))
so... what i bought at the ACG's sale were......

oh, the urban decay naked 2 palette was not be bought at the warehouse sale. i bought it from streetdeal.com and it arrived at my house the same day i went to the ACG's sale. 
revlon age defying foundation in medium beige.
i used this for couple of times. it's a good foundation but i don't like the smell at all. 

these are the only lipstick i bought there
from left: revlon super lustrous in really red, and revlon super lustrous in smoked peach . both are matte finishes. i got this for RM15 each.
haha i don't know what's the purpose of this thing, the salesgirl said it 's useful during sunny day.
i got this for RM8

revlon custom eyes in 025 metallic chic.
i got it for RM15 anddd i got 4 refill shades (beside the palette) for free!!
the picture above this picture is the swatches i made for the colours. 
things i got from stage. brush cleaner and the lash expert fake eyelashes.
brush cleaner: RM10
lash expert: RM10

i love love love these. i got both of these for only RM10!!
these two things are essential for everyday use so i do feel a bit regret i'm not getting it more on that day. we can't find any more deal cheaper than this.

there are a lot of things i regret i'm not buying that day:
-revlon grow luscious eyeliner in brown
-revlon gel liner
-stage fun pack
-revlon lip butter

but i went there on the last day of the deal, and my house is so far from the place, so i just let it go.
anddd... here are the starlight of the day :)
i got this for only RM95 from streetdeal.com instead of RM179 but i need to wait for about 1 month.
this are the look of the package. it come with a palette of 12 shades of neutral colour and a little size of lipgloss.

and here are the shades... i think that the shadow is super shimmery and for a person who don't like shimmer product that much, i don't know why i bought this. impulsive buyer, definitely. but i love it anyway hahaha because i have bought it and i love everything that i bought. my favourite shades are half baked, chopper, snakebite and busted. i do not like the brush. i don't know why but i don't like it. i don't like the texture especially the small part. 

oh the person who told me about the sales (both ACG sale and streetdeal) is wiida . she is a friend of mine, and we are soooo passionate about makeups and stuffs! hehe. go check out her blog, she did pretty a lot update about makeups and sale. 

till then, tata!


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