Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Favourite Beauty Youtube Artist

I watched youtube everyday. And I bet you guys too hehe. My subscriptions are mostly beauty channel and some of it are music related. But I can say that 85% from that are beauty related hahaha.

So I thought I would share my favourite beauty youtuber with you (and you can tell me your favourites too!) Tt's hard, but I have here my top 5 :D 

1. Pixiwoo
Who doesn't know pixiwoo? The sisters, Samantha and Nic are also makeup artists based in England. Samantha also made her own brushes line, Real Techniques which are sensational and what else can I say? ah-mazzziinngggg! I love her brushes :D 

They have tons of videos to watch I just love them, I learned a lot from their videos. 
Pixiwoo Blog: www.pixiwoo.com

2. Jaclyn Hill
I just started watched Jaclyn's videos last October I guess, but i immediately fall in love with her, with her personality and also her talent (in makeup). She is also a makeup artist and have worked at MAC and Sigma. If you're a fan of heavy makeup look and full face makeup (like I do) you will love her!


She's so good with makeup and her 'joyah' personality will make you feel joy and happy watching her videos :D
Jaclyn's Blog: www.jaclynhillmakeup.com

3. Chloe Morello 
She's an australian youtuber and she's my girl crush :B she's sooo prettyyyyy and I always mesmerized by her beauty everytime I watched her video haha. 

She's also pretty funny too, I love watching her and her bestie, lauren :) 
Chloe's Blog: www.chloemorello.com

4. Michelle Phan
She have millions view of her videos. She's a cutie have gain popularity through youtube. I simply love her because she's creative. I love watching her videos because she produced nice videos hahaha. It's nice to watch a makeup tutorial but she make it interesting and bring them videos up to new perspective. (AND BECAUSE SHE GOT CUTE BOYFIEE)

She's such an inspirational for all girls and also own her new makeup line EM COSMETICS. I haven't try her product just yet but am keen to try one :D
Michelle's Blog: www.michellephan.com

5. Emma Pickles 
She have a very good skills in makeup and playing with colours but she did not uploaded videos as often as the other in this list. But I truly adored her makeup skills and her pretty pale face. 

She's so adorable and she is a soft spoken, but I can see she has a lot of the emo/dark side style of makeup in herself. But she's pretty. I think she look a lot like Katy Perry :D 

That's it 
Till the next time, 


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