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MUA haul, review and swatches

 Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! :)

About 3 weeks ago my friend Wiida and I ordered a LOADS of makeup products from MUA store because they had 50% off storewide! Whoaaa and we went a little overboard.. (as always) and bought a lot lot lot of products hehehe.

After our order being processed and shipped, I expected the parcel to arrive around 2 weeks time. To my surprise... the parcel arrived a week earlier than I thought! HOW COOL IS THAT?? :)

So with a very very very controlled excite face and voice (I don't even know what it means haha), Wiida and I decide to meet up to open this box together :D

Wiida unboxing the parcel with a very very controlled behaviour as we were in public. I knew deep inside, she just wanted to ripped the box to hurry getting the products hahah

What its look like in the box. Thumbs up for the MUA team for a very nice and safe packaging. 

All of the products combined together. 

 These are my part hehe, quite a lot but to make the shipping cost "worth" i bought this much haha.

1. 12 Shade Palette Heaven and Earth

I love love love this palette. We used natural shades for like everyday. So, another natural shades palette won't do any harm to me and my collection :3 The shades are more like warm tone so it compliment my skin tone very well. I didn't go well with cool tone color (eyeshadow, lipstick). Very highly recommend  for you that have quite tanned skin. All of the eyeshadows are very pigmented and shimmery. If you like matte eyeshadow, sorry to tell you that this palette did not offer that.

12 Shades Palette Heaven and Earth 

2. The Artiste Collection: Artiste Palette

I bought this palette because it looks kinda cool with marble eyeshadows and complete with blushers, bronzer and highlighter. But I kinda feel a bit regret buying this haha because the colour selection is a bit unattractive. i know i will never use the shade 1 (very left) and the shade 3 (blue hue) haha because i don't like those color. But i tried using eyeshadow in shade 6 (very right) and complete my look with the blush and highlighter for a day out with my brothers. I started to like it back hahaha because it is easy and very travel friendly as you don't have to carry a lot of stuffs, just bring this palette and you are ready :) 

Artiste Palette

3. Pro-Base Complexion Kit (Nude)

This is probably the only thing i bought that i really really regret buying and don't have any plan to keep it either haha. I HATE this palette. It is a palette with cream foundation, cream concealer and cream illuminizer. The colour has pink-undertone and i am tanned so it does not match at all. The creamy texture is so thick and after applied to the skin and it looks very cakey. Luckily i bought it with 50% off. 

Pro-Base Complexion Kit. The creamy texture also allows dirt to stick on the surface -,-'

 4. MUA powder blush and Creamy Blush

So here is a funny story. I bought 1 of the blush to give to my friend as souvenir from Liverpool (Back then in July 2012) and she really loves it and raved about how brilliant the blush is. So, I decide to buy tons of it hihi. originally, there are 6 shades from the powder blush range but only 4 shades available and I got 3 of them. The other 1 is deep plum shade and i don't know how to wear strong colour like that. And as it got 50% off, i bought the cream blush as well :)

From left, Cream Blush in Dolly, Powder Blush (above) Shade 4, (below) Shade 3, and (right) Shade 1. 

 5. MUA Bronzer and Shimmer Kiss Bronzer

I never have a bronzer powder and i really want to to try some but the one selling in our local drugstore are a bit expensive for the one who just want to 'try' and start using them. So without any hesitation, i bought 2 of them :) hahaha. and Shimmerkiss bronzer is actually not a bronzer. It's more to a highlighting powder. Everything works really well despite their low price, except that Shimmer Kiss bronzer has this unpleasant chemical smell which i don't like.

MUA Bronzer in Shade 3, Shade 2 and Shimmer Kiss bronzer.

6. MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow kit

I wanted to try this brow palette. It is really good and a pretty 'complete' brow kit. It comes with a mirror, brow powder in 2 shades (dark brown and light brown) , highlighter powder, and a 'setting' brow gel. It also comes with a mini tweezer and an angled brush (but I lost them, hence, no picture). I love everything about this palette except for the dark brown shade of brow powder is a bit reddish.. and it looks unreal on me haha. 

Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit (the empty box is meant for the mini tweezer and brush but i lost them).

7. Sheer Finish Lipgloss and Out There Plumping Lip Gloss

To be honest, I don't own any single lip gloss right now in my collection. Thus, I bought all of these :3 hahaha.  I prefer matte finishes lip colour rather than glossy but sometimes I also want to feel girly girly and put some gloss on my lips to feel sexy (LOL?) but I realized I don't have any :/ So i bought a bunch this time! hahaha.

Sheer Finish Lipgloss is just the ordinary sheer lipgloss in a tube (15ml) So it's good to be wear on top of any lip colour instead of just applying it alone. Especially when you have pigmented lips like mine, you might want to avoid applying sheer gloss without any lipcolor underneath it.

Out There Plumping Gloss is an extraordinary lipgloss! It's very pigmented and you can wear it alone, without applying any lip color underneath it (of course you can do it if you want). And the colour I got here are so pretty :3 BUT..... when i was trying this product,  I felt a little burnt on my lips. And it doesn't got any better afterwards. So I wiped it off and looked in the mirror and my lips look kinda red and irritated. I tried both of the colors to reassure it and yea it's because of the gloss. So sad because the color is soooo pretty :( I don't know if it only happens to me or to everyone using it. Maybe i'm allergic to one of the ingredient, I don't know.

 From left: Sheer Finish Lip Gloss in Some Me Time, Happy Days, Too Much Fun & Just In Case (The names are cute!) and Out The Plumping Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink and Sienna. 

8. Matte Perfect Primer

Before this, I always just using Significant Day Cream as my makeup primer/base (I will write a post about this product later) but I wanted to try out the makeup primer and i decide to buy this one. When we unboxing the parcel and look at the product, we were a bit dissapointed because the size is smaller than we expected. It's only 15ml. But the texture of this primer is so smooth and blends with skin very well. 

I tried out this product, using it alone with loose powder as finishes and using it underneath foundation for a fuller look. I would say, it works better underneath foundation rather than using it alone with powder on top. It ease the makeup application and making face look flawless :3 
It claims to be a matte primer, but after a couple of hours, my face starting to 'shine' again and be oily again and I need to re-touch up (I used it alone without foundation). So yea it does give the matte finishes at first but not for a long time.
I don't know about the long-lasting result if using it with foundation on top because I only wear it for only half an hour during that time haha. 

 Oh, That's basically everything that I purchased at the site :)
And ohh and I would like to show you the MUA products that i got before this haul..

It's MUA lipstick in shade 13 (left) and shade 11 (right) 
The lipsticks has a glossy finishes and really really pigmented. It also has a pleasant smell :) 
(Swatches of lipstick lipstick shade 11, shade 13 and on the bottom is swatches of Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink and Sienna) See how sad I am to not able to wear the lipgloss anymore? :( The color are so pretty 

okayyyy That's it for this entry. Sorry for not able to provide a higher quality swatches pictures. I did the best I can to show you the colours :) 

If you would love to purchase anything from MUA, i would highly recommend you to buy it without any hesitation! The price is very affordable and the product you get is really really good despite the price. There are products that I don't like from this purchase and i did write some of my opinion about the products. Hope it will help you to choose their product range in the future :) 

Pink Marshmallow 

p/s: there are some more product i want from MUA >.< 


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