Monday, March 18, 2013

brow tutorial by me

Hi! Sorry for being silent and not posting anything for a long time. semester 6 just started so there's quite a number of thing that i need to do.

Brow makeup is very essential for me as mine is 'almost bald'. I used the term almost bald because i literally don't have that much of brow hair and i need to draw it every single day :/ so if i'm in a rush and i just have 5 minutes for makeup, i choose to do my brow rather than anything else :3

Before this, i usually just used brow liner pencil to fill in my brow, but i've tried brow powder in the last 2 weeks, and i really love the look. it's softer than using brow liner, and it look more natural than when i used brow liner. But because i don't have that much of brow hair.. So i have my own way to fill in them so it look better. I noticed that when i used just brow liner alone, the brow will look harsh on my face, but when i used the brow powder alone, the colour is not dark enough and it still look weird on me. I decided to mix both method to achieve a better brow look :3

Products I'm using:
Maybelline Crayonbrow liner in light brown
MUA brow kit
Thin angle liner brush

1. Prep your face.
This is my BARE face. My brow almost looks kinda bald :( 

2. Draw fine stroke on your brow using cranbrow liner in light brown. I used light brown not dark brown or black because i used liner just as a 'base' for brow powder. 

 After lining with light brown liner. 

3. After lining with the liner, i usually will use the brow gel from MUA brow kit to set some of the brow hair. 
4. Fill the eyebrow using brow powder from MUA brow kit and a thin angle liner brush. Before fill it in, i divided my brow into 3 parts the first 1/3 is in the inner part, 1/3 in the middle brow and the last 1/3 is the outer part of the brow. I will start with the light brown shade and fill first 1/3 inner area of the brow. 
 for the second 1/3 which is the middle part, i will mix both light and dark brown brow powder and i used just the dark brown brow powder for the last 1/3 part which is the outer part. 

 light brown brow powder in MUA brow kit

 Dark brown brow powder in MUA brow kit

 slowly fill in the brow

 MUA brow kit

5. Finish for brow filling. i usually put some highlight at the brow bone area, depending on the makeup look that i will do for the day, sometimes i used glittery highlight, sometime i used matte vanilla colour as the highlight. today i'm wearing Inglot eyeshadow shade 355.

Finish look 

 Done with the brow, now you can proceed with eyes and face makeup :) 

How my brow look in natural daylighting. (and yep it is not identical, my brow shape are not identical to each other, no matter how i drew it, it will look like that. I don't mind it, i heard brows are sisters, not twins :P)

So basically that's it. Anyone else have the same brow shape like mine (almost bald) ? hehe come share your experience and share the product you used! i would love to try new products if you suggest it to me :) 

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Wiida Ribbon said...

Sangat lawa babe!!! adui. dup dap dup dap!

Aida Jelita said...


si dunat said...

haha thanks, memang beza kan dari bare face without brow makeup and after filling it in haha. makeup really does have magic.

Nabilah said...

OMG your face is flawless! Any skincare secret? :D


si dunat said...

hi Nabilah! thanks! yup sure i will share it here :)

Nabilah said...

Yayy can't wait to read that post! :D Btw, what's on your lips dalam pic yang dah makeup tu? Cantik sangat! :)

si dunat said...

oh it's NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm. mmg favourite lip product matte lip cream tu :)

wajihah said...

i will choose to fill in my eyebrows rather than apply eyeliner.. if i need to choose any 1 of them ;)

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