Monday, April 15, 2013

April sweet temptation; Bag of Love & Delectable by Su

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I think you already knew about the 'monthly beauty surprise box' which is in trend right now. It's a box full of surprises because you don't know what is inside the box. The box filled with all of beauty products. You pay the subscription fees and the box will arrive on your doorstep monthly. Okay, that is a box. Imagine if the surprises come in a cute bag? Of course we will be MORE HAPPY AND EXCITED. We would most probably just throw away the box after getting the product but bag? There are so many use of it :) 

So, have you ever heard of Bag of Love

"Hence, this is where Bag of Love comes in.. With a subscription, you get a beautiful bag of 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products – ranging from hair care to skincare, body care, make up, nails and fragrances – delivered to your doorstep monthly so you get to sample the products before buying it.  We carry many brands  from mass to luxury and local to international -  and you won’t know what items will be in the bags until you get it, so prepare yourself to be surprised!" - From Bag of Love website

Bag of Love, March. Ohhh how cute is that bag! 

and.. the most interesting part is... 

Bag of Love together with Delectable by Su is collaborating for The Butterfly Project for the UNBOXING TEA PARTY for Bag of Love April issue. HOW COOL IS THAT? :3 

The event will be held on Saturday, April 27 at Delectable by Su, Paradigm Mall. Imagine having a nice yummy and sweet desserts while unboxing the Bag of Love that filled with lots of beauty surprises? SUPER HAPPPY! 

I remember the taste of Delectable by Su giant macaroon in salty chocolate. IT taste AH-MAH-ZING!! oh just thinking about making me feel like going to the store and buy one :3 The stores also created very very cute and pretty cakes that i bet will taste as good as it look. I never tried the cakes before but i will! if i can go the tea party hihi ^_^ 


How to join this cute event? 

1.Just click here 
2.Complete the form with complete entries. 
3.Good luck! :) 

Pink Marshmallow 


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thanks! sure :)

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