Sunday, April 21, 2013
I REALLY REALLY LOVE HER AND I LOVE PARAMORE (and i love MAC of course) and that is a PERFECT COMBINATION. oh em geee i really really want this special edition lipstick "Sounds Like Noise" how will i know if local MAC store already selling this? because i definitely going to buy it.

k that's it.
i got test tomorrow. sigh..


Aida Jelita said...

me too love paramore!!

you're my nominees for The Libster Award on my blog. hope you enjoy answering the questions!!

Wiida Ribbon said...

Can I get this lipstick? haha. But I'm afraid I wont use it. hmm. blusher la. ahhaha

si dunat said...

yep one of my favourite band :)

sure! :)

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