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Too Faced 'A Few of my Favourite Things' Palette Review

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Okay. I've been eyeing for this palette for a very long time. It came out in US I think in November or October something around that time, and it's been raved among beauty gurus all the time! I just could not wait for this palette. It arrived Sephora Malaysia in December? I guess but at that time i was broke. hahaha. Original retail price was RM169, but my friend, Wiida told me that this palette's price has been marked down to RM134! OMG that's a lot. And after lots of thinking and considering that I will get 20 eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 2 bronzers, 1 lip stain balm and 1 mascara + cute chevron patterned makeup bag, why not? It's really worth every penny and it's a really great deal. So finally I got it.. and I have no regret :D (BIG GRINN)

(This is just a review on the palette, lip product, mascara and makeup bag were not included in this review)

A few of my favourite things - Too Faced palette.

First Impression:
1. The pink and gold chevron pattern is soooo cute and girly. I really love that the design is ffun-looking and unique from other palette available in stores.
2. The material for the palette is cardboard-type with magnetic at the end so it is can be closed and secured.
3. The size of the products I get in this palette is more than enough. I got 20 x 1.6g eye shadows (MAC single eye shadow contained 2.2g and will cost RM68-85) so it's totally a great steal. I also got 2 x 4g blushers and 2 x 4g bronzers.
4. The only thing I could wish to come in this palette is a mirror. But it's okay just the way it is :D

Eye Shadows:
1. Snowflakes - Shimmery yellow tone cream. perfect for highlighting tear duct. 
2. Whiskers on Kittens - Pastel peach with gold glitter. 
3. Chocolate Milk - Just imagine chocolate milk. seriously. It's perfect for transitioning/blending colour and the texture is so lovely soft and buttery :D
4. Moon on Their Wings - Glitter glittery champagne colour. 
5. Dark Chocolate - Dark matte brown. Really pigmented but I find it quite hard for blending. Perfect for eyebrow and liner. 
6. Cream Colored Ponies - Matte cream / off-white colour. I am amazed with how pigmented this shadow are! usually we don't get a very pigmented white shadow. But this one, it's just perfect, soft, creamy, buttery and easy to blend. 
7. Honey Honey - Gold.
8. Buche de Noel - I would say the colour is quite similar to Dark Horse in Naked palette (Urban Decay).
9. Evergreen - oh I love this shade! But this is totally not everyday colour for me, but I just love the shade and the texture and pigmentation is really good. 
10. Blue Satin Sashes - Matte deep sea green with gold glitter. 
11. Coquet - This is quite a strange shadow in this palette as it looks like pink shadow with lots of gold and beige glitter in it. but when I swatch it, there is nothing pink appear. But anyhow, I still love it. haha. 
12. Taffy - Pastel Pink. I would say it is satin finish (tiny amount of fine glitters).
13. Crisp Apple Strudle - My other favourite shade! hehe. Shimmery taupe shade.
14. Woolen Mittens - Like Chocolate Milk, but the tone is cooler. 
15. Soiree - I love this kinda burgundy maroon shade but the texture is kinda hard to blend. 
16. Tinsel - Shimmey olive hues with lots of gold shimmer. Peningnya. haha.
17. Bluff - My other fav! haha. Pastel Indigo and shimmery. 
18. Ooh La Orchid - Violet. This one did disappoint me because it is chalky and not pigmented. 
19. Party Time - Another shade that disappoint me. The colour looks soo intense and pretty on the pan, When I first saw it I literally felt like dipping my eye lid to the shadow (???) but it just look pretty on the pan, not when I swatched it. 
20. Pure Glam - Shimmey black.

Blusher and Bronzer:
1. Raindrops on Roses - Doll pink with some shimmers
2. Melt into Spring - Warm peachy pink (MY FAV!!)
3. Chocolate Soleil - Medium tone bronzer with chocolate scent! (Sorry for bad swatch in the picture)
4. Sun Bunny - Shimmery bronzer. 

Okay that's all. 
Thank you :D 


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i heard about the mark down too! really wanna buy it and hopefully sephora still have it

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