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Butterfly Project Chapter 4: Mr Lens shopping experience

Hai! sorry for a very long hiatus. I was busy with my FYP and other school's assignments and I just submitted my final draft, so it should be okay now to blog hehe.

I have been given an opportunity by Butterfly Project to write a review on a shopping experience at Mr Lens Malaysia. Thanks Butterfly project and Mr Lens! :)

Mr Lens is an online shop to buy contact lenses and glasses for your precious eyes. Remember whenever you need to restock your lenses but you are so busy to go to the optic shop just to buy a pair or few pairs of lenses? Well, technology made it easier, girls :D We can now shop the lenses on-line! yeayyyyy!! And plusss.. The price offered in Mr Lens is the same and lower compared to walk in to optic shop for lenses shopping. 

Shopping at Mr Lens is soo easy and the website is so user friendly. I did not experienced any trouble throughout ordering the lenses and I received within 2 working days! I am soo not going out to buy lenses after this hehehe. This website just save my time and cost. Weeeee!!! >_< (so happy to discover an awesome online shop) 

Just follow this simple and easy 5 steps and you will enjoy your new lenses in as short as one day! *depends on the stock available and location of your shipping address* 

STEP 1 : Go to

STEP 2: Sign up

STEP 3: Start shopping!!!!! Who doesn't love to shop right? hehehe. You can find almost all brands that were sold in optic shop, here! I personally as contact lens wearer, I would have a hardtime to hunt for lenses sales and good deals (especially during festive season) but I never need to do that again because Mr Lens offer such an amazing price for the same products sold at the optic shop! You can see it yourself once you click awesome price! I wear contact lenses all the time and I always stock up my favourite Freshkon Colourblends. The normal price for a pair of lens is about RM60-80 if we buy it at optic shop and we can get deals like buy 2 free 1 during sales sometimes. But Mr Lens offered RM39 for each pair! aaaaaaaaaa!!!! can die la like this hahahhaa. 

STEP 4: Add to cart and choose preferences. The power degree choices is from -0,00 to -10,00 so you don't need to be afraid. With my high eye power degree, I normally need to wait an extra 3 to 4 working days for the stocks to arrive whenever I walk in shopping in optic shop. Mr Lens's policy is about the same, you need to wait extra few days for ordering the stocks, but I personally don't care about it at all because I don't need to go out and drive just to go to the shop twice if I walk in shopping at optic shop. I just need to wait at my house, just wait for the package to arrive. But, throughout my first experience with Mr Lens, I just need to wait for 2 working days after ordering so that is fast!! (My power degree is higher than -5,00 and the policy said for power more than -5,00, customer may need to wait up to 3 days because they need to order the lenses) 

STEP 5: Checkout. Pay and wait for your package to arrive! hihi.

Payment methods; 

They will also update you about the status of your order through email

The package will arrive 1-3 working days and you can track it. 

So what did I got for myself? I bought Colourvue 3 Tones in Green >_< I have tried it once few months back in colour violet so this time I chose Green hihi. 

Wanna see how it looks like on my eyes? :D

* ayo malu dengan dark circle hahaha sorry for the nearly bare face :3 * 

The outer ring is dark green nearly black so after the lens blended with my natural eye color (black), the only obvious colour could be seen is the middle ring which is hazel-green. My eyes is quite big and rounded so I do not prefer the "big eye effect" contact lens which has larger diameter. Overall, this contact lens is comfortable for everyday use and it can last up tp 3 months :D  

Brand: Colourvue
Type: 3 Tones
Based curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14 mm
Colours: Grey, Blue, Green, Brown, Violet
Price: Normal Price is RM123 but Mr Lens sell it for only RM90 *wink wink*

Waitttt.... There's more from Mr Lens! 

The shipping is flat rate RM6 for west Malaysia & RM9 for east Malaysia and using Pos Laju courier service. 


Do you live in Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Sungai Buloh, Subang Airport, Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang or Batu Caves?

Mr Lens offers FREE SHIPPING for shipping address to these areas!! 

There are also service for refill express, which with 1 click, they will send out your lenses according to your records of  previous purchases. Wah memang kasi senang kerja lah. 

Theres nothing more to say here except.. 

Go to MR LENS like, right now!!!! haha totally worth it buying your lenses here >_<

Okay, that's it this time :D 


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