Thursday, October 3, 2013

Makeup look: Sweet Girl to Bold Smokey

Hi! It's been a really long hiatus, I'm soo soo sorry! I found that I have a problem to be consistent in posting entries regularly in this blog. So for that I am soo sorry!

I love to play with makeups and to make other girls pretty is my pleasure :) A million thanks to my friend, Tita for landing her face to be my pretty canvas on that day hehehe. Oh, she is a veerrryyy talented writer and she have a blog! You guys should check her out at tipu sunat. Thanks again pretty Tita (Yesss she is very pretty isn't she?)

This is Tita.. Before all the makeup products get onto her face :) Already pretty :) 

Sweet & Simple Makeup Look

1. I'm still working on the technique to shape up the brow and clearly i need a lot of practice especially in hiding/concealing brow hair. I also thinks that it will be better if I tone down the brow colour as this colour look too dark on her fair complexion. 
2. I also realized that I used a dark sculpting colour on her cheek (MAC Harmony powder blush). For fair complexion like this, lighter contouring/bronzing colour is better. 
3. Overall, this is just a nice simple makeup look that can be worn for everyday makeup because it's simple, and also can be worn on special occasion like hi tea, festive season or a date :) 

Bold Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips

1. Personally, I think smokey eye makeup look better on her big rounded eyes :D 
2. I used my favourite shadow from MUA, shade 12 :) 
3. Perfect for a special occasion (night time events)
4. She looks pretty right? 


That's all, thanks for reading! 


Puteri Panda said...

Cantik! :)

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Nabilah said...

I seriously adore your work. She looks flawless!

si dunat said...

thanks :)

si dunat said...

thanksss :)

si dunat said...

thanks nabilah :)

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